Hydrate Ginger x 24

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Hydrate Ginger is a fresh and fizzy recovery drink.
A great thirst quencher with an awesome taste of coconut and some feisty ginger!
It’gives great hydration with lots of magnesium and potassium.
Based on sparkling coconut water, infused with magnesium.
Hydrate has no added artificial sweeteners, sugar or conservatives. Caffeine free.
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At the moment we ship to Sweden. But you can order to Norway here. And Denmark here. More countries to follow!

Coconut water is naturally filled with electrolytes and antioxidants, but now we made it really tasty!

Hydrate Ginger has a twist of lime, some feisty ginger, sea salt, extra magnesium and vitamin C. A great recharge and hydration drink.

Enjoy it after a workout, or after some sun, or after a party, or to start your day... or pretty much any old time!

Hydrate has no added sugar, sweeteners or preservatives. The sweetness of Hydrate comes from the perfect balance of the coconut water, lime juice, ginger and sea salt.

We use fresh coconut water from green coconuts grown without the use of pesticides, and real lime and ginger, you can really taste it!

Electrolyte Yourself


Coconut water (250ml), Water, CO2 , Lime juice, Ginger, Magnesium gluconate, Magnesium chloride, Vitamin C, Sea salt, Natural flavouring.

Calories (Kcal) 24Kcal

Total Fat 0g - Saturated fat 0g

Carbohydrates 6g - of sugars* 5,76g

Dietery fibers 0,24g

Protein 0g

Sodium 27,9mg

Vitamin C 10,9mg

Magnesium 30,3mg

Potassium 109mg

Calcium 45mg

*Naturally from fruit